Neverwinter is an action MMORPG based on the acclaimed Dungeons and Dragons universe. In Neverwinter you take on the role as a mighty hero who must set out to protect the lands of Neverwinter from those who conspire to see it destroyed. Fight through creepy monasteries, search in the bowels of the earth for dwarven treasure, or investigate a mysterious castle. Choose from 6 different races each with their own unique racial traits and lore filled backgrounds.

Players will be able to master one of several unique classes, each with their own mechanics and playstyles. Play as the control wizard class and fling arcane bolts from your hands or summon ice shards to hurl at your opponents, stunning them. The combat within Neverwinter is action oriented, meaning players must aim their spells if they wish for them to connect.

Creative players can access the Foundry within Neverwinter, which lets you build and share adventures you create within the game. The Foundry gives players the tools to build dungeons, castles, cities and more! Once finished, players can choose to rate other player created dungeons and highlight the best player-designed adventures.


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